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At DRW Cabinets, we do more than just cabinets. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive design center, dedicated to meeting your unique design specifications while also providing creative ideas to enhance your home or business redesign. Based in White, GA, we serve the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Custom kitchen cabinets by DRW Cabinets
White cabinetry for living room by DRW Cabinets
Cabinets and bookshelves by DRW Cabinets
Wooden cabinets by DRW Cabinets

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Whether you are looking to transform an entire room or just one specific piece of furniture, our talented team will apply their expertise and experience to deliver exactly what you need. Explore the endless creative possibilities available to you when it comes to redesigning a room or creating custom furniture with DRW Cabinets by your side.

Design Services

Grey kitchen cabinets by DRW Cabinets

Roll Out Shelves

Shelves that can be moved forward to more easily reach the contents stored in the back of a cupboard or cabinet, saving space and frequently used in kitchens and pantries.

Toe Skirts

Toe skirts are decorative panels installed at the base of a cabinet or vanity to hide the space between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor.

Turning Posts

Turning posts provide stability and visual appeal to staircases, serving as structural components that support the handrail and come in various styles to complement different design preferences.

Pull-Out Trash Receptacles

Waste bins can be conveniently concealed inside a cabinet or under a countertop, providing a hidden and easily accessible solution for managing trash and recycling.

Spice Racks

Storage units designed to organize and display spices in a compact and accessible manner typically mounted on a wall or inside a cabinet door.

Custom Accessories

The possibilities for designing and organizing your space are endless, as you can choose from a wide range of functional and stylish accessories that are tailor-made to your preferences and needs.

Light Rails

Light Rails provide an efficient and stylish way to illuminate and enhance the beauty of cabinetry, adding an extra dimension of ambiance and functionality to kitchens and other areas of the home.

Glass Doors

Glass doors for cabinets are a stylish and functional addition to any space, providing transparent or translucent panels that allow for easy viewing while still keeping them protected, making them perfect for showcasing dishes, glassware, or collectibles in kitchens, living rooms, or offices.

Furniture Feet

Versatile and practical accessories that protect floors from scratches and damage, offering a simple and effective solution to keep furniture in place while adding a touch of style to any room.


Decorative architectural brackets are typically installed underneath countertops, shelves, or mantels to provide both structural support and aesthetic appeal, often featuring intricate designs or carved details.

Multi-Layered Crown Molds

Decorative elements are used to trim the space where the ceiling and walls meet, comprising multiple tiers and profiles of molding for a more elaborate and sophisticated look. They can be made from various materials and come in a variety of styles and finishes.

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Custom Cabinet Finishes

Cabinets finishes by DRW Cabinets


Staining is a versatile technique that not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain but also adds depth and richness to furniture or other wooden surfaces, allowing the character of the wood to shine through in a translucent and captivating way.


Painted cabinets can completely transform the appearance of a dull kitchen or bathroom with a durable and low-maintenance finish that adds style and resists scratches.


Crackling is a versatile technique that can make a bold statement or create a subtle change, depending on the choice of paint or stain. By applying a crackling medium over the base layer, the final result gives the wood a charmingly weathered and rustic appearance.


Distressing is a technique where tools are used to create marks in the wood, giving it a worn and aged appearance similar to an antique. We aim to create unique, artistic pieces that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living or commercial space.


Glazing cabinets can highlight details, create an aged look with defined dark lines, and expose highlights through rubbed layers of finish.

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